Helping your Hotel Brand

--> Sell more at better premium than your nearest competitor
--> It's true that known brand always sells more

We help you in your Brand Awareness Drive throughout the year

Hotel market is today cluttered. While online booking marketplace has made hotel booking very convenient for travellers, it has diluting the brand value of hotels. All online booking engines are primarily focussing on discounting.
If your hotel or resort has to stand out and command a premium than your nearest competitor, it is extremely important to create your Hotel Brand.
We at IHD are helping hotels create high brand awareness acrosss all media platforms. As a hotelier and to make your hotel aware among the travellers you need to be present in Print, Web and Mobile media. And we take your brand to places.
IHD-Indian Hotel Directory is packed with hotel information. We promise to reach wider readership each year. IHD remains the single largest source of hotel information presented in compact format across all mediums (print, online, mobile). At the same time we deliver international quality.
The digital edition makes sure your hotel is highly visible to the worldwide audience who are exploring hotels in India.
IHD delivers your hotel information to your targeted market throughout the year, with high recall value every time. A powerful catalyst to increase sales, IHD is crisp, clean, all colour with easy to use design format which enhances reader interaction.
Today it is an indispensable tool for travelers seeking hotel information, anywhere in India and major parts of the world.

To list your hotel or resort please fill-in the Listing Questionnaire and send it to us along with the photographs
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Your hotel is listed across all media: Print. Digital and Mobile.