Note from Editor

Neeraj Narain, Executive Editor

When we conceptualized IHD-Indian Hotel Directory 20 years back, there was a strong need of providing travellers hotel information in a concise and user friendly format.

Today, the reason is still fresh and IHD is a living example of how it has evolved with the changing market dynamics. As we move into the digital age of connected travel eco system, the information flows across media platforms.
IHD-Indian Hotel Directory is committed to promote listed member hotels and resorts to the discerning traveller. Both domestic and international.

Helping to Create Hotel Brands-Large number of hotels have been our members for more than a decade. And over these hotels have become national hotel brands. We are proud to be part of the big and small hotel brands in the country.

Innovation has always been driving us. As we disseminate IHD across Print, Digital and Mobile, we have gone deeper into the consumer market. This has called for hotel listing information in the language of the Guest. Be it a German traveller, a Russian or may be our own regional tourist from Gujarat, Bengal or Tamil Nadu. The need of information in native language is ever increasing.
Today, all major search engines including Google and Yahoo are making language search very important. IHD with hotel Information in multiple languages will make sure that our member hotels always appear in the search.

Direct to Hotels- We strongly believe that customers get the best deal when they connected directly to the hotels. And we have been making the traveler book with the hotels directly, without any intermediately.

Needless to say that we will always remains dedicated to our valued travellers and make them connected directly to our member hotels. Look forward to our journey for the next 20 years.