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Hotel industry is in a challenging time with increasing competition. We are pioneering the information capabilities available to our buyers, who are hotel customers'. IHD - Indian Hotel Directory reaches out directly to the corporate, leisure travellers and travel industry for latest hotel information. IHD-Indian Hotel Directory has become a powerful catalyst to increase hotel sales and creating branding for your hotel.
IHD has not only retained its existing loyal readership but added multiple readers every year. The directory has become crisp, clean, all colour and easy to use design format which enhance reader interaction. Needless to state that IHD is an indispensable tool for travellers seeking hotel information, anywhere in India.
21st edition of IHD-Indian Hotel Directory 2016 offers great opportunity to list your hotels and resorts.
Annual Listing options are:

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For LISTING CHARGES and to list your hotel or resort please fill-in the Listing Questionnaire and send it to us along with the photographs
To download the Listing Questionnaire: Just send us a mail on

Your hotel is listed across all media: Print. Digital and Mobile.